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Many people asked me how I made this kind of graphic, so I thought why I don’t share it with you lovely people? First off: It’s really simple, the graphic will not take you more than 10 to 20 minutes!

So let’s start!


Choose a picture and resize/cut it to the size you want (mine is 245x320 px) and sharp it (I also used a action, which makes the picture a bit more blurry. Tutorial can be found here). Your picture should look like this: 


Now we’re going to add the texture, which makes the picture looking a bit messy. Set the texture to overlay or soft light if its too dark for your picture. Adjust the settings as you want until you think it looks good. The texture can be found here. Over the texture we’re adding a psd now. Make sure the psd is bright and has a bit contrast in it. If the psd hasn’t a b/w layer, please add one, because without the layer the result maybe doesn’t look that good. My result:


We’re almost done! The only thing you have to do now is to add a colorfull light texture like this. Make sure your texture has a few colors in it so the result looks more colorful. Now you add the texture to your picture (over the psd and the other texture) and set it to “Multiply”. Adjust the opacity and fill and vóila, you’re done! My final result:

I hope this tutorial was helpfull! Please don’t forget to like or reblog! (:

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