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Since yesterday I have a lot of asks in which people ask me, how I’ve made this kind of graphic. Today I’m gonna teach you! It’s really not that complicated and won’t take you that much time. I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial. Let’s start!


Basically the graphic consists of 2 screencaps. The one we’re gonna use as the backround of the basic graphic should be a close up cap of your character/person. I’ll be using this cap: x

Now choose your second cap for the little picture in the graphic. It should be a cap in which you see the whole upper body. My cap is this one: x


Now you open the first cap (the one which we’re gonna use as the backround) and crop it! I used 500x380 px. You should ensure that you only see the face of the person/character! Mine looks like this now:

Now we’re going to color our cap! I used this psd and removed the first texture layer from above (“Layer 2”). If the other texture is too small for your pic press “ctrl+t” and make it bigger. Then add a b/w layer and a solid color layer in the color you want and set it to “multiply”. My result:

I know the caps looks really blurry and choppy, but thats totally okay! This is the effect we wanted to reach.


So since we finished our first cap, we’ll add the other cap into the graphic. But before you do that crop the other cap in a smaller size than the first cap! I used 200x200 px, you also can use other sizes, but be carefull: If the cap is too big, we can’t see Allisons face!After you cropped and sharpened your smaller cap add it to the bigger one. Put the layer over the backround layer. Should look like this:

You see the backround of the second cap, but we’re gonna remove it now! Just erase the backround until you don’t see it  anymore and end up like this:

Some of you maybe wonder, why I didn’t just cropped the second cap. I’ll tell you: The erasing gives the whole graphic a bit more softness and looks choppy like I want it. Also it doesn’t look that bad, I like it!Now you can also add texts or other textures. It’s your own choice! The font I used was “True Lies”.


Wasn’t that difficult, right? I hope this tutorial helped you. Please don’t forget to like/reblog!

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